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Thank you Mr. Scoutmaster!

As a boy I joined the Boy Scouts, and thanks to the adults, my parents included, who took time to lead our troop, we learned our lessons well, and had fun at the same time. During that time I earned the rank of Eagle Scout, and became a leader in the troop.

Several years later I was drafted into the Army. The training I received there was rugged, but I was prepared for it, because I was a Boy Scout. When I was sent to Viet Nam, the conditions there were primitive, as well as dangerous, but I was prepared, because I was a Boy Scout.

I returned home from Viet Nam and started my family. I knew how to help with many things at home, and had many good examples of how to be a good parent, because I was a Boy Scout.

When My community started a volunteer fire department, I joined and quickly became a leader, learning new skills and sharing old skills with others. I was prepared to do this because I was a Boy Scout. Recently I came upon an automobile accident with a young man trapped inside unable to breathe. I was able to save his life because I was a Boy Scout.

Recently some people in my community asked me to run for public office. It brings Citizenship in the Community to it's highest level. I was able to win the election, and to serve, because I was a Boy Scout.

Every day I thank God for sending the Scout leaders who taught me the skills of Scouting and of life, and how to learn and to share my skills with others. Today a touch of silver streaks my hair, and my joints complain when I strain. I don't know just what tomorrow will bring, but I know I'll be prepared to meet it and succeed, because I am a Boy Scout.

Jim Hubbard
Viet Nam Veteran
Hickory Flat Fire Department
Cherokee County Commissioner
Eagle Scout

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